5 Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips For Couples

Copy by: Natalie Jones

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Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship, and you are probably getting very excited about starting a life together and, let’s be honest, about decorating and putting together a new place. However, moving to a new home can be expensive, with costs like a deposit, rent (or mortgage payments), and the actual move piling up fast. Your wildest and most expensive interior decorating fantasies may have to be put on hold for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the place look great while sticking to a budget.

1.Do Your Online Research

When it comes to the essentials, don’t head into a major retailer without a plan. In fact, you are probably better off avoiding brick-and-mortar retailers. Online shopping is your friend since there is less temptation to buy unnecessary things and better chances of finding a great deal.

For example, Bed Bath & Beyond is a great place to find all the little things you need, whether you're replacing your old bath towels or upgrading your coffee maker, but you might spend more than you really need. You can save money while you shop by taking advantage of cashback deals through Ebates and online clearance sales.        


2. Make a Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is a wonderfully creative way to note down important messages, keep track of expenses and upcoming commitments, or simply leave cute notes for each other. Chalkboard paint comes in tubs for under $10, and it doesn’t have to be a full wall if you don’t want to commit that much space. Chalkboard posters are also a great option for renters.

3. Celebrate Your Memories

Create a place to display your memories together, such as ticket stubs, festival wristbands, or even business cards from restaurants you loved. This shadow box is a great option since you can keep adding to it as you create more memories, but if you already have an extensive collection you could simply make a collage and frame it as wall art. Check Hobby Lobby’s weekly ad to find supplies to help you create your own shadow box.

4. Create a Joint Artwork Wall

When sharing a home with someone, it is important to ensure that common areas have a bit of both of you in them. Select a wall in the house, maybe in your bedroom or living room, and cover it in artwork selected by both of you. Agree on a color palette to keep things looking aesthetic, and then allow each one of you to contribute an equal share of prints, postcards, pages from calendars, vinyl album covers, or even DIY wall art within that color scheme. The result will be a wall that represents both your individual personalities as well as you as a couple.

5. Get a Houseplant

For most couples, moving in together is the first step in joint responsibility. Before you think about getting a pet (or having a kid), get a nice houseplant and commit to taking good care of it together. Most houseplants are quite affordable and are guaranteed to bring life into any room. The Spruce has a handy guide on the best houseplants for beginners, and you can make your way up to more demanding plants as time goes on.

Whatever way you choose to decorate and personalize your new joint home, always focus on open communication to ensure you are both in love with the way your house looks. Check out this advice by Vogue on how to decorate as a couple without any freak-outs or arguments, and don’t get too stressed about it. You will grow to love your home no matter what choices you make, so remember to just have fun with it!

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