How can I stay sane during the stressful holiday season?

Ode to December! Holiday parties, the gift buying and wrapping, the baking, the in-laws! It's a prominent issue many of us face every time the holidays roll around, It's so common, it's even been given it's own identifying name. "Holiday burnout" is easily the biggest disorder that plagues so many during what would be a great time for family. If you suffer from the dreaded "Holiday burnout", here are five tips you can use to ensure that staying sane during the holidays is as achievable as old St. Nick coming down the chimney! 


Enjoy the moment, mediate, breathe in the air, go for a brisk walk. Do anything that stops you from stressing over the thing that you're stressing about. Whether it's which home to go to spend the holidays, or making the perfect menu for your guests, the wrapping of countless presents and the stress of wanting to do it all, just STOP! Stopping cause stress to cease dead in its tracks. It gives you a chance to take in everything so you can focus on the important. By giving yourself a chance to breathe, you're able to tackle the tasks ahead with a clear head and be able to approach whatever situation will be lurking around the corner. 


You aren't celebrating the holidays alone, so why are you trying to do everything on your own? Just know that you simply can't! Can someone else bake at least 2 of those cakes you are planning to make, or can someone else get started on the gift wrapping so you can focus on you for a little bit? Ask yourself, what can I hand off to someone else? If you feel like you can't trust anyone enough to take over, then why not cut some of the things out on that long holiday To Do list. You don't have to bake 4 cakes; cut it down to 2. Santa Claus doesn't really need fresh baked cookies, can you buy these instead from the bakery shop??  Simplify your To Do list to avoid getting overwhelmed and delegate the things you can to someone else. 9 times out of 10, you'll realize that they are more than happy to help! 


..instead go with the flow. Let things happen naturally. If you end up at Jim's instead of Martha's because of a snow storm or another unexpected change, go with it. Enjoy the moment and just take in every experience you can. 



i know many of you will frown at this idea but the truth of the matter is, that no matter how long we've been participating in our traditions, we can always change them. This can be a difficult concept to grasp for a lot of people who are deeply seated in tradition but it can be something that is very liberating.  Take a moment before the holiday craze starts to contemplate over everything you think is a tradition and what just feels like a chore. Make something up; something you've never done but that feels good to you and your family and let that be your new tradition. 


Lastly to round up these tips, be weird! Be different. Let yourself be the odd ball in the expectations that people place on each other every year on the holidays. Do what makes you feel good because you alone have the right to define the things that are important for you and whatever plan you create, no matter how crazy or un-traditional it may seem to others,  is yours alone to create.

We hope you all have a FANTASTIC Holiday season and please let us know below how you will stop the stress during the holiday season ! Share this article to anyone that may need a little advice to get through the holidays. 

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