What are the best practices to making it through an office holiday party? 

It's the annual Office Holiday (let's be politically correct here!) Party and you've been invited - which means you've pretty much been mandated. Before you make a fool of yourself and become the office gossip, here are the 5 TOP tips for making it through the night and surviving the office holiday party. 


It's kind of mandatory so before you go checking off the "No"box, make sure you think about what this could mean to your career. Not attending could be looked at as a reflection of the integrity of your work ethics. If you want to further expand your career at your company, attending the office holiday party can open up a lot of doors and instead send the message that you are indeed a team player and are willing to be a part of the company, no matter how insignificant the event is,


Sure, the word "party" is in the title but think of this as a gathering. Taking the word party out of the equation tricks the brain into thinking that you should converse more, and drink less. You don't want to seem like a prude, so have a couple of drinks, but don't drink to "party!" Drink socially as you would in a gathering setting and enough to enhance your personality from the person that sits behind a desk all day to a person that you can throw a few jokes around with. 


Your other co-workers will most definitely be there. Some of them are your girlfriends that you often hang out with after work, so this may seem an easy and awesome transition to start the work rants.  STOP!! This is a time for togetherness, to bring people that often don't work together to the same area but even most importantly, you don't know who is actually listening to your conversation. If you're complaining about your boss or even another co-worker, someone could be taking notes about the kind of person they have hired and who you really are. When they go offer a promotion, do you think you'll be remembered in a good light?  So keep your work complaints outside of the work area, vent to your family, not your co-workers. 


Once again, dress for a gathering and NOT a party! If your "gathering"  is within working hours, bring along a different set of going out heels, remove the blazer and accessorize  with something fun. If it's after work hours, as in much later, slip into something a little less informal. Stay away from the skirts since it can be tricky to figure out the exact length of appropriateness. For an easy style, choose a pair of jeans that fits your body perfectly, add a nice blouse and some heels. Give yourself a night makeup loop and add simple but fun accessories to tie in the look. You'll look put together, fun but appropriate for any setting. 


Lastly, if you want to further your career, this is the perfect time to mingle and network. Your company might have 300 employees and now would be the perfect opportunity to meet and mingle at least a few of them. How can they know who you are if you don't introduce yourself? They could be looking for a junior copy editor, but if you've never made the chance to meet them, how can they know not only what you look like but what you do! Sometimes the big wigs invite other people from other companies and industries along and if they have a position available and you've just mentioned you do what they're looking for, they could even offer you a job right there or at the very least mention it. 

See? That wasn't so hard, was it! Moral of the story: Make sure you think of this office holiday party as NOT a party but a networking gathering. This ensures that your brain acts accordingly. Hope you enjoyed these tips and are helpful to all of you this Holiday season. Leave a comment below on which one of these tips you will be adding to your office party behavior. 

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