Add A Little Glam To Your Everyday Beverage Dispenser!

Written by: Nicole Torres

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I am always trying to find ways to dress up something, whether it be a coffee cup, or even a Beverage dispenser from Goodwill, which I recently purchased. Yup! you read it right, Goodwill is where I found this glamorous Gold Dispenser, and for only $9.99, I couldn't resist. Every time I visit Goodwill 95% of the time I find something cool and interesting and 100% of the time I researching its history or just general information about the item, hey! you never know what type of gem you have. This one turned out to be a cool, chic and vintage looking item for me, I knew there was more to this dispenser, it wasn't one you see everyday on the shelves at Target or even you local Home Goods Store (maybe they carry them?) but,  I've never seen this style in any of the stores.  I have to admit, I wasn't sure if I wanted to make the purchase, it turns out it's missing the stand and I was bummed about that. After doing some research I found more information about this really pretty Gold Dispenser here. By The Little Big Company for $165.99 it's original price, (item currently SOLD OUT).  Can you believe it? I am super excited what a deal!.

After owning the beverage dispenser for about three weeks, we finally used it on Thanksgiving. I was happy and excited it was staged beautifully.  I than decided recently that besides the obvious (to me) the base is missing, I decided it needed a little something extra, a little glam, a little glitter. I decided to apply Metallic Tattoos, Body Jewelry, not just for the body, and it turned out gorgeous! What do you think?



  • Metallic Temporary Tattoos
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Paper Towel or Sponge
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Scissors
  • beverage Dispenser (or any glass item)

Easy; How To Apply:

Step 1- Fill your bowl with water

Step 2- Cut the tattoos to separate them from the sheet, remove the clear backing and place on your glass piece. (be sure to plan your pattern first, once tattoo sticks, its stuck.

Step 3- Dip your sponge or paper towel into the water and dab onto your tattoo for about 10 seconds, than begin removing the backing starting from the corner, work slowly. If it doesn't peel away, dab a little more water.

Step 4- Once the tattoo is on, brush on a very small amount of clear nail polish to protect your tattoos from coming off.


Not bad looking, but better looking now, I made it my very own.


It's that easy. A #DIY that only took me about 20 min to do. If you have a larger project it may take a little longer. Be sure to plan out your design before you adhere your tattoos.                     Imagine all the ideas? from serving trays to tea light holders. :)

Thank you stopping by!


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I am still developing my craft and enjoy every minute of it, along with meeting fellow designers & DIYer’s, along the way.

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