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Written by Khloe George

Don't know about any of you but when it comes time to getting creative, one thing we have to do is play music!! We have to let my creativity juices come together by listening to our favorite jams or being inspired by singer/songwriters. We're totally digging Alessia Cara right now!

Here are a few  of the 5 BEST streaming music apps you can subscribe to (of course for a fee…Nothing great ever comes for free!) and get your creativity going. 

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SPOTIFY, $9.99

Spotify has one of the largest music libraries in the music-o-sphere. (totally made up that word) It’s no wonder that over 30 million people have caught on and now have this app installed on their devices. From Android to iPhones, this app works perfectly to bring you the latest albums, the hottest charts and even playlists dedicated to either your mood or the time of day at any given time. How cool is that? You can get turned up on Friday evening or very mellow and motivational on Monday morning. It’s all up to you! The free version of this app allows you to create playlists of songs you want to hear and unlike Pandora, it allows you play only the songs in the playlist; that is if you add over a certain amount of songs to it. Anything under and Spotify likes to slip in their own version of what they think matches. The paid version at only $9.99 a month allows you to create playlists as well but instead of it shuffling, you can play any song at any time whenever the mood strikes. You also get offline options where you can upload your playlist while you are on wi-fi and then listen to them offline without having to stream them and use up that precious and expensive data. Now that’s pretty lit in my opinion. 

TIDAL, $19.99

A music app made by musicians, what can get better than that! This app can. Tidal's claim to fame is the ability to stream high-fidelity music to your mobile device.  Tidal features an extensive library of more than 25 million songs, and users can also watch any of more than 75,000 ad-free music videos. Other extras include curated lists and music identification and discovery tools. Just like a lot of the music apps, there is a subscription fee. However, unlike the others, there is no free option. The only subscription plan they have is Tidal Premium costing $9.99 monthly, and Tidal Hi-Fi at $19.99, however if you want a higher quality version, you’d definitely dish the money out for this one. 


Oh, we love Apple!! We do. With over 30 million songs, this Apple Music (formerly Beats Music) comes with every single iPhone and it is part of their software. A pre-installed app that you can’t delete? NO WAY! (*sarcasm on*) This one is pretty cool too. It actually links with your existing purchases and iTunes music and lets you listen to it all in one place. It offers a streaming radio of your choice. In order to play songs from the very lucrative collection of music from the iTunes store that isn’t already yours, you will have to pay $9.99. And just like Spotify, you can play the songs you want whenever you want but it will add your already purchased songs from the iTunes store into the mix. 


Rhapsody is still going strong and still is one of the longest-running online music providers out there. It offers a huge song library and artist-based radio on its free mobile app. Subscription upgrade will run you $9.99 a month, which seems to be the standard price nowadays.  What you get is the ability to create or listen to custom radio stations of your favorite artists, as well as thousands of live AM/FM radio stations through the new Rhapsody unRadio ($4.99 per month). Rhapsody's service has been integrated across smartphones, smart TVs, select speaker systems and game consoles making this one a definite winner.


Did we save the best for last? Quite possibly!  Amazon, the shopping giant has released Prime Music which allows you to stream the music you've purchased from Amazon, as well as music stored locally in your smartphone or tablet. Prime subscribers ($99 per year) can also access a library of more than 1 million songs along with convenient playlists all through ad-free streaming. Perhaps the best part, you have the option to download Prime songs, albums and playlists to your device for easy offline listening.

Let us know what music app you’ll be planning on gifting and which ones you’ll be getting for yourself.


We want to hear you sing! Tag us on IG #touchedchristmas and we’ll check your singing chops out. 

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