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I've spent countless hours racking my brain on how I can get creatives to interact, and most importantly to come together to uplift and create their best life.

Through a thorough but informative market research outreach, my team and I were able to decipher what these creative types are looking for and needed. They all pretty much felt like there was a lack of interaction among creatives - no real opportunities to network with like-minded individuals and a a complete lack of respect for other creative careers outside of art.  

I'm here to serve you. Think of me as your creative career agent, if you will. Now, I'm no expert. I built this company on a lot of trials and definitely countless errors but I created it because I selfishly wanted to inspire myself and I have a passion for helping others see the creative force within them. I wanted to be surrounded by people and content that inspire me creatively. I help others gain clarity through a series of strategic and actionable goals. Together, we will have a set lists of goals that are specific to your niche and set a foundation for widening your overall business reach.  

“This was my AHA moment!! I’ve felt the lack of community among creatives and I sought to be the catalyst for change that was missing in this field.
— K.


Services Included but not LIMITED to: 

  • Content Creation & Ideas
  • Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Images for your Social Media Networks

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