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Written by: Khloe George

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Most effective and efficient people are the ones who have a morning routine.

My Schedule:

5:00-5:20am - lay still & reflect

5:20-6:10am - workout

6:10-6:45am - wash the stinkies away

6:45-7:30am - commute to work while listening to a podcast

8am - plan the day ahead

8:30am - Inspirational Morning Meeting

I know you've heard it before and I'm here tot ell it to you one more time - your morning routine is an integral part of your success. There I said it.. It's a powerful thing. I kid you not. It's no wonder that there's a whole website dedicated to them. Let's delve into mine for just a tad....

Your morning routine will look different than mine and it will serve to function for your lifestyle just as mine reflects the things I would like to accomplish. 

My routine also lasts a little longer because I drive to the office so I split up my morning to include travel time.  I first reflect on how I want the day to look. I literally sit there and envision every client that will be walking through the door, the assignments I would handle that day and I get some headspace using my headspace app.  I work out early in the morning because I find that at this time of morning, no one gets in the way. The house is pretty still and there’s nothing going on but my workout. On the way to work, I tune into one of my favorite podcasts or listen to music because those 2 things serve as my inspiration for the day and music just makes me happy. When I get to the office, I start planning my day and what those appointments and emails and everything I have to answer and chunk them into time slots in my beautiful  LV MM agenda while I eat my breakfast. No one is allowed to interrupt me during this time

I end the morning with either an inspiration email to my team or an Inspirational  Morning meeting which I play an #Entspresso video and have each reflect on what it means to them in their journal. I can tell you that doing this every day helps set the tone of my productive day and I love it.

On my quest for the purpose of a morning routing, here’s what I’ve gathered:

  • "How you start your day determines how you spend your day." a morning routine sets the tone for your day.

  • Positivity & Productivity. Starts your day with intention. Intending to learn something, interning to work on your business, intending to be productive. When you're not intentional, your day will be unintentional 

  • Quiet time and most productive time. Quiet and peace.

  • Most effective and efficient people are the ones who have a morning routine.

  • Morning routines kick start the habits that dictate our health, wealth and mental well-being. Every wise sage understands the power of quiet time in the morning and warns of the folly of trying to succeed late at night. If you want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise, make time in the morning for what matters.

  • Your habits determine your future; make them good habits.

Tips to creating your morning routine

  • Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier every couple of days until you’ve reached your desired time. This ensures that you don’t shock the body from waking up at 7am to 5am. Gradual change always works.

  • Plan your outfits the day before or take a minimalist approach to your wardrobe. By having the same basics colors or even uniform, you’re able to make one less decision in the morning by not letting decision fatigue get to you.

  • Do the most important task early in the morning. The key is to feel accomplished and by completing the hardest and most important task, you will have started out your day on the right foot. That feeling of accomplishment will last you the entire day.

  • Do three business things and three personal things every morning, ideally. If you can't do three, then aim for 1 of each.

  • Lastly, do something that makes you entirely happy; whatever that looks like for you.

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Inspiration for designing your home can come from anywhere. View our greatest hits .

Inspiration for designing your home can come from anywhere. View our greatest hits.

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