“You know, Amber…you’re pretty good at this public speaking stuff. Have you ever thought about Communication Studies as a major?” my professor said to me when I was in college. I hadn’t ever thought about it before that moment, but after that moment – I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Not too long after that day I changed my major from Liberal Studies to Communication Studies, and I’ve been honing my gift of gab ever since! 

I love all things communication – from public speaking to how it plays a role in all of our relationships. My blog, is my little home on the internet to teach women (especially my lady blogger friends!) how to improve their lives, grow their blogs, and build their businesses…all by becoming a fearless speaker.

Having stellar conversation skills is something we all need to get ahead in this life. Part of my life’s purpose + passion + mission as “The Conversation Coach” is to help women speak from the heart, connect with others, and change their lives. My writing reflects all of that.


Up until about a month ago, running my blog was my third job! I was working full time at a university by day, teaching part time as an adjunct professor at night, and then blogging by late night. Oh, and being a wife. And a mom. And an entrepreneur.

I’d work 40 hours a week, spend 10 hours per week commuting, 8-10 hours a week prepping for and teaching my class(es), help with dinner + bath time when it was my turn (my husband and I alternate days), and then fire up the laptop to write after my daughter went to bed.


It was a grueling grind, but I managed. Doing what I could and releasing myself from unnecessary pressures and comparisons helped me stay focused.

With an insane schedule like that, I knew I had accept was possible for me, and five new blogs posts a week wasn’t on that list! I posted once a week, tried to keep up with my social media accounts (FB + IG are my faves! Come say hi @talktoamber), and also manage my coaching clients and freelance work.


But now I’ve left my full time day job so that I can make being a professor my primary career (I heart teaching), all while growing my coaching business, and being the best woman + wife + mother I can be.

I stay organized with all that I have going on with my trusty day planner that I got from the Dollar Tree (woot!), my favorite pens, and a notebook. I must write everything down or it ain’t happenin’! I also use some apps on my phone, like Wunderlist to help get me on track.


Taking that swan dive of faith and leaving my job is one of the biggest things I’m proud of about myself. That was a huge step, but I know it was the right one! So many opportunities have come my way since I started blogging way back in 2007 (speaking at Blogalicious last year is an example!) and I want to see where else it can take me!

No matter what stage of blogging you’re in – I say trust your gut, do what feels right, find out what works for you, then do that. Don’t get caught up wishing you had what such-and-such blogger has (be it pageviews, FB fans, or IG followers). There’s only one you and that’s worth celebrating!

And of course, no matter what you do…always speak from the heart.



Amber L. Wright, M.A.  is an adjunct professor, writer, and speaker. She is the founder and Chief Conversation Officer of, her blog and website designed to help women learn how to speak from the heart, connect with others and change their lives. Amber’s philosophy is, if you want to be happy – from the boardroom to the bedroom, you have to know how to communicate with clarity and confidence. She’s here to teach you how to do just that!

A specialist in interpersonal communication and relationships with a low-grade obsession over popular culture, Amber’s work has been featured on the award winning website,,,, and She resides in Southern California with her cute and geeky husband and their adorable daughte



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