I am Bijee (pronounced Bee-Gee) or just B; I am a thirty something financial analyst by day; blogger, wife, mother, friend, daughter and child of the most high by every day and every night. 

There are no two days alike for me, which is a good thing, but not in the way I envision it for myself.  I am currently living that cubicle life, and trying to figure how to break out!

I blog over at The Reflections of a Good Woman, a motivation and encouragement blog for women who desire to learn, do and be better.


Because my schedule for work is different daily, between working from home some days and in the office others, and then everything that happens after work, no two days are the same.

The two things that are consistent is that I wake up earlier than I want to and go to bed later than I need to.

My work day typically starts around 7:30 and ends around 4:00.  After work I rush to pick up my kids, my daughter, 11 and son, 2.  Once I get the kiddos we head home for snack, homework and dinner preparation, if I haven’t been my over achiever self and did it all for the week on Sunday.

Every day there is something happening.  Mondays and Thursdays I try to make it to the gym (the winter time makes this VERY HARD); Tuesday doesn’t always have something, but usually some sort of appointment or something is in place on that day, Wednesday is my daughters volleyball practice, bible study for me; Thursday is my evening with the kiddos, while hubs handles whatever business he may need to. Friday is the beginning of the weekend chaos.  Our nephew comes over on Friday straight after school, every other weekend my daughter heads out to her dads, and the little one is usually into something that he shouldn’t be.


Saturday is when I squeeze in errands, shopping, maybe a little cleaning, and just handling my responsibilities, Sunday is church and depending on if we are serving on the production ministry or not, I may get to “sleep in” until about 8:30ish.

My hubby and I have so many things we are dipping our feet in.  I love to read, and we both try to play around with photography.  Hubs does a bit of videography along with his passion for fitness.  Top that off with our DIY home projects and family time and there are never enough hours in any one day!

I keep my families schedule in my Cozi app so that hubs and I can stay on top of what we have going on, and it also provides us a shopping list and to do list to keep us up with each other, and try to work together in maintaining order.

So I know you are wondering, when do you get a chance to blog??

And the answer is any chance I can get it in…

I started blogging a few years back after finishing up grad school and discovering how much I enjoyed writing.  I dove in without much info on how blogging worked and all that it entailed.  At the time, I had the time, so I played around with designing everything after the installation and initial set up by my hubby.

A little under a year in, life shifted, I got pregnant, and I just didn’t have the energy to keep up with it and I really didn’t have the inspiration anymore, as it was really just all over the place; more like an online journal where I talked about anything – what I felt, what I cooked, whatever came to mind.

When my son was born and he didn’t sleep (like literally didn’t sleep), I really didn’t see any future chance at having the time so I made the decision to shut it down.

After going back to work and being bored out of my mind (cause cubicle life will do that to you), I realized how much I missed blogging, writing and the outlet that it gave me, the joy I had when I was doing it.

I thought about what I could focus on and really talk about. And after reflecting on it, I thought about my overall journey of just trying to figure out who I am, what my purpose is, and really striving to be a good woman, wife and mother.  I thought to myself, isn’t that what we are all really striving for? To define our good?

So there RGW was born, in early 2014.

I don’t have an order to how or when I blog.  I typically just try to at least note things when I think about them in my Evernote app which syncs across my devices and my computer, so I can pick it up and finish it at any moment that I may have.


It’s not uncommon for me to be up until 2:30 in the morning on a Friday night writing and playing around with different design elements while catching up with my DVR.

I try to plan out my editorial calendar for the month to make things easier, but I never get ahead as I envision it in my head.  I swear by a written planner also, even though I am still all over the place but it surely helps to write stuff down and to be able to cross things off the list.

I post 2 times a week for sure and then occasionally a third post in the form of something random or a guest post is added in.

The things I do regularly are:

  • a weekly link up of motivation, encouragement and inspiration on each and every Monday that stays open all week
  • a monthly link up that I teamed up with Y I’m Writeous for, titled Writeous Reflections, where we link up based on a monthly faith based writing prompt
  • a monthly feature titled after the site, Reflection of a Good Woman, where I feature a woman providing her story of struggling, overcoming, navigating life and just trying to define her good. 

In addition, I write and focus on parenting, relationships and faith primarily.

Between my phone, iPad, and computer, my hubby says I always have a device in my hand…

At some point I would like to be teaching, motivational speaking and blogging full time.  I would love to be able to be home more than not while still having work that is fulfilling and enjoyable, which I can’t say is the case right now.

Until recently, I would see other bloggers and it seemed they had it all together, they had all the time in the world and were making it HAPPEN.  I then realized through conversation with a few of my blogger friends that we are all fighting the same fight and battling with the same things – finding the time to balance real life and blog life and doing what we love to do while staying true to who we are.

I have just learned to not compare my space to the space of any other, we each have our journey and our path to take. 

As I try to figure it all out, I just take it all in stride and learn as much as I can along the way.



Hey There!  I am Bijee (a.k.a “B”).   I consider myself to be an outgoing and determined young woman just trying to be the best person that I can be.

In my younger years, becoming a young parent out of wedlock and the struggles and drama that came with it, motivated and discouraged me at the same time.  As a single mother, I worked hard to get my education and make a life for me and my young daughter.

My greatest blessings are my friends and family, which consists of my husband and two children.  I don’t take lightly to being a good wife, mother, daughter, and friend.

The ultimate goal is to be a role model to my children and a good woman to my longtime best friend and husband. I strive to show my daughter what a good woman looks like and to model what my son should be looking for when the time comes. 


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