Up until a year ago, I would have defined myself a little differently. Along with being a wife, mother, author, blogger and budding entreprenuer – I was also a writer and producer working in network television. That was my dream job. I'd worked hard to build my career. It was something I was proud of. Then there are the perks of working in the entertainment industry. Those didn't hurt. Until I had a new dream.

My dreams were all changed by motherhood!
— Camesha

My dreams were all changed by motherhood. I had new things I wanted to do and covering celebrities and tv shows wasn't high on my agenda anymore. I wanted to try some of my own things. I wanted the freedom to be more present for my children while freely expressing my creativity in a business of my own making. And that's what I've been doing.


Until recently, I was maintaining my mommy life + style blog (Bibs + Baubles) as well as another site ( built to motivate moms to follow our dreams. I just merged the two at my new internet home

I have lots of plans for my new space. I've got two planners full of my thoughts and intentions for the year ahead. My goal is to really inspire moms to know our dreams are possible and worth following. It's really important for me to make my dreams come true. I don't believe in talking myself out of things because I'm a mom. Being a mom has actually caused me to talk myself in to more things. With two little people watching my every move, I really want them to know that it's not just talk when my husband and I tell them to follow their dreams.

The journey from working mom to stay at home mom hasn't been easy. There was a lot to learn in a short amount of time. My kids were in a day care with a strong curriculum. I felt the pressure to keep up with that. I found activities for us to do. I bought all kinds of learning materials. I got them signed up for classes and just went full force into stay at home mommyhood.  Add in my desire to grow a business and things get pretty complicated around here. Trying to balance a business and being a stay at home mother is one of the hardest things I've done. I'm making it work.

My passion has always been encouraging people. I have this kind of Pollyanna personality. Not in an annoying way. More in that I always look for the silver lining. I bring that to every situaition and tend to encourage people wherever I go. Once I had children, my attention turned to moms. I can see that we sometimes need a boost of encouragement and motivation. And who better than another mom to give it to you? Between all of the mom wars of cloth v dispoable and breast v formula, there needs to be a voice here and there that reminds us we are awesome. We need a place that reminds us that we have dreams. We had them before our name changed to mama and we still have them. One place they don't belong is on a dusty back burner.


A typical day for me involves plenty of time in the car. I'm doing shool drop off and pick up for my son. He also has soccer once a week and tae kwon do. My daughter has art class, story time and  she's about to start gymnastics. I do lots of driving, lunch packing, clothes washing and everything else that comes with two small children with social calendars. I also have what seems like a million emails to respond to, posts to write, chapters to write for a book, research to do for a course, etc.


It's hard to do any of the stuff for me while taking care of my babies. I decided that the main reason I'm home is to be here for them. So, my things get moved around a bit. And that's fine. Progress is being made. I work when my daughter naps (which she's been rejecting lately). I work when my kids are in the bed for the night. I slip in a few emails when I'm pushing her on the swing at the park. I also make sure to take one weekend day, when needed, just to get things done. Those are the days that I leave the house and head to a coffee shop with my list of things to do. I'll stay there for hours on end until I feel like I've really made some measurable progress. It's those little things that keep this tiny empire I'm trying to build from crashing. I don't know what balance looks like. I may never know. I just take it day by day. While it's not easy, so far, it's definitely worth it!


Camesha Gosha is a former network TV writer and producer who found that having kids only made her dream bigger! She's passionate about motivating moms to knock out their dreams one by one, babies in tow! We can't tell them to reach for the stars if we don't grab a few, too! You can find her at  and connect on Facebook + Twitter!


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