Special shoutout to Khloe Gee for having me! I’m a full-time stay at home daughter (I can feel your stale faces. Believe me it’s a real job). I’m 22 years old and like a lot of young people nowadays, I’m trying to figure out life and figure out who I really am. I love adventures, having a great time with my friends, and traveling. Speaking of traveling I am absolutely in LOVE with Australia. Honestly I think I was born there and my parents adopted me. Don’t you guys think that it’s a little suspicious that I’ve never seen a picture of my mom pregnant? I’m just saying. I have such a strong connection to Australia and I have no idea why!

O btw here’s a pic of me and my parents. Any resemblance that you may see is strictly coincidental. Seriously though my parents mean the world to me and I don’t know what I would do without them.

Outside of living with my parents and bugging them to death I’m a full-time blogger. I blog over at Dear Darrica (go check it out!) and I absolutely love it! A lot of people wonder how one gets started with blogging. Well for me it started a couple years after I got out of high school. A couple months after I graduated, I got my first job working in the grooming department at PetSmart. I thought this would be a job that I loved considering I love animals (my dream job when I was younger was to be a veterinarian). Y’all I hated that job. You know how you hate something so much that even the smallest amount of time spent doing whatever that thing you hate is, is entirely too much? That’s how I felt with this job. I was only working two days a week and that was enough to make me miserable. So like any responsible adult, I quit. I went a couple of months looking for jobs and unsuccessfully finding one. Then I got a job working at Walgreens. I actually liked that job because my co-workers were cool and my manager was awesome. But my dad didn’t like the hours I was working (overprotective dad alert) soooo……I quit that job too. From those two experiences in the workforce I quickly realized that I wanted to work from home. I just didn’t like people hovering over me and telling me what to do (maybe it was my only child syndrome rearing its ugly head). This led me to start searching for work at home which proved harder than I expected. There are a lot of scam artists out there posing as being real companies that offer work from home. They sound legit but in reality they’re out to either take your identity or money. Around this time I stumbled upon a blog by the name of Ok, Dani. Honestly I had never even heard of blogging or read any blogs until then. In the beginning I started reading it just for entertainment purposes. Over time I subscribed to it so that I would never miss a post and I found myself looking for other blogs to read.


We were making some major decisions in our lives, trying to learn a new language together (epic fail!), making travel plans, etc. and I thought “Hey! We should totally start a blog together!” There were just so many exciting changes happening in our lives that I wanted a way to be able to document them, and also be able to share our experiences with others. Soon Reese & Coco was born.


We went in with not nearly enough information and started a blog together. It was awesome blogging with my best friend, although it did have its challenges, and I’m so glad we got to share that experience. That blog lasted for about a year.  About 6 to 7 months into blogging together, Chanell landed an awesome job and didn’t have the time to dedicate to blogging anymore. I was faced with the decision to either keep blogging at Reese & Coco, even though Chanell wouldn’t be blogging anymore, or to start my own blog. It was a hard decision for me because this was a project we started together. I didn’t want her to feel slighted in any way. We talked about it and she reassured me that she completely understood and that she was excited that I was taking this step. I also got a ton of reassurance from an awesome blogging group that I’m with. After that my decision was made! I branched out and created my own blog! That’s how Dear Darrica got started. This time I was able to go in with way more information, experience and connections with other awesome bloggers which proved to be extremely helpful.


It can be hard balancing life and blogging because blogging revolves around my life. I could be out with friends and see something inspiring that I just HAVE to write down so that I can remember it for my next blog post. Or there’s an email that comes through that I’ve been waiting for but it might not be the appropriate time to check it. Sometimes I have to just shut down that part of my life for a few minutes and live in the moment. Staying organized is a key to that. If you’re not organized then your thoughts will be all over the place and you’ll find yourself always taking your work with you. You have to make sure you meet your deadlines and have a schedule as to when things are going to get done. If you don’t you’ll be extra frustrated and blogging won’t be fun anymore. Believe me, I’ve been there.

My advice to any of you who want to start blogging is to first research, research, research. This is something I didn’t do, as I mentioned before, when I first started blogging that I wish I had done. I’m glad I got a second chance with a whole new blog, but I think if I had done the proper research my first blog would have been even more successful. Also it’s important to be yourself. You may have a blog/blogger that you absolutely love and when you start blogging you may try to sound like them or have the same feel as their blog does. That gets old extremely fast. You can only pretend to be someone you’re not for so long. Be who you are and the right readers will come to you and appreciate your writing for what it is. Last but definitely not least, have fun! Blogging is work but it’s fun work. You get to express yourself creatively and write about what you’re passionate about. It truly is awesome and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed and I hope to see and hear from all you awesometastic people on my blog! Talk to ya soon!



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