Every weekday starts about an hour or two before I’m ready. My husband is a light sleeper and will always hear noises before I do, but if he goes to work early, I wake up to the sounds of kids or pets. The culprits are usually my two-year-old son or one of the cats. My dog and my five-year-old daughter love to sleep as late as possible.


I will stumble downstairs, pluck the toddler from his crib, and look outside to see that one or both of the cats want to come in for breakfast.


I will stumble downstairs, pluck the toddler from his crib, and look outside to see that one or both of the cats want to come in for breakfast.


The sun usually comes up over the swing set.


Our basenji/husky mix, Athena, is very curious about joining me outside for photos.

Next is breakfast for the pets and for my son, Des.


Someone escaped outside when I came in from taking morning, and now wants breakfast.


My daughter, Scarlet, is finally up and no matter what I try to do differently, we still have a somewhat stressful rush every morning to get Des to daycare on time, and to get Scarlet to kindergarten on time. Mostly, it works. Only mostly.


Athena likes to “help” Scarlet get dressed after breakfast.


Finally, both kids are in school! I come home to a warm fire, a late breakfast, and pets that finally want to cuddle because the cats love me best, for some reason.

Now it’s work time for me. I’m a blogger and a photographer and I like to mix up the work, by the hour. I like to do an hour of blogging – reading/commenting on other blogs, writing notes for my own posts, editing personal photos for my own blog. Then I will switch to editing client photos. Fall and winter were really busy for me this year and I absolutely need the time to myself to catch up. I would not be able to work this hard if not for daycare and kindergarten. It’s important to me to set the kid-free time aside every day to work on writing and photography.



It helps me to have a clutter-free desk, but sometimes it adds up. I usually have water, coffee, my phone, a pen, tissues, post-its and a giant cat in the way.

I shoot RAW photography and I upload the files into Adobe Lightroom, where I will sharpen them, fix any white balance issues, and then export them into JPEGS. I will then do more detail work in Photoshop, with color casts, sizing, or healing tools. I will last upload my photos into SmugMug Pro. I like to have them in three different places – Lightroom, folders on my hard drive, and SmugMug. I pull photos right from SmugMug for blogging. There are easy codes to copy and paste from the albums


After three hours of working, I break for lunch. Soup today because I’ve been sick!

After lunch, I straighten up the house a little. I do dishes, clean up toys and add some Christmas decorations here and there. This is our life-sized Han Solo in Carbonite statue in our dining room. He gets decorated every year too.


This is my view from my second story loft office.


Often, it's so cute that I have to come downstairs to get a closer look.


Sometimes, that closer look turn into cuddling on the couch.


Tamara is a professional photographer at Tamara Camera, a mama of two, a writer/blogger at Tamara Camera Blog. and a nearly professional cookie taster. She has been known to be all four of those things at all hours of the day and night. She is a very proud contributor to the book, The Mother Of All Meltdowns After two cross country moves, due to her intense Bi-Coastal Disorder, she lives with her husband, daughter and son in glorious western Massachusetts.



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