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I work at home. What are the best and stylish ways to style my desk so it inspires me to work? 

By Alicia Walters, Design Editor

One of the difficult things about being a renter is not being able to put your own mark on your home. Those magnolia walls can really make the space look bland and blah. Thank god technology and innovation has blessed us with removable wallpaper commonly known as Renters wallpaper.

As someone who works from home creating, designing, and writing, you can imagine I spend quite a lot of time at my desk. It is super important to have a workspace that inspires me to get into work mode. Whether you are a student studying for those finals or a virtual assistant putting in those hours, it is crucial that you have a tidy and stylish desk and work space that encourages creativity and productivity.  

Okay,  first hings first, keep your space neat and tidy and clutter free, making sure everything has its place and return it there after use. Try not to leave papers laying around, have a work pending tray for papers you are “not so sure about” to have it all in one place waiting for you to go through and sort out. There is no spring cleaning when it comes to your workspace. The aim is to keep it clutter free all year around.


You want your work area to be attractive so when considering office storage go for something that is functional, inspires creativity, as well as beautiful to look at. Try to have a theme for your office;  you want a uniformed balanced rhythmic look and feel to your workspace. Too many different themes happening at once can come across as chaotic.


Loose cords can make a desk look unattractive, so how about we hide them. Feed cords through a drilled hole in your desk and place a surge protector on the underside. Another option is to try Velcro straps, gathering cords together securely, giving a more organized and neat look.


A few years ago I installed a cork board into a client's home office. Initially it was for her to put her to-do-list and any inspiration she may find for her design work. However, ithassincebeen used as a space to stick business cards,  flyers , and anything she may need to checkout at a later date.

Instead of letting loose papers flutter around your space, keep a board of all the odds and ends that inspire you and may need to be referred to later .


I’m a 90’s girl, old school and I love a good old fashion notebook. I adore notebooks and take pleasure in writing things down. If you're like me, how about investing in some eye-catching stationary. I love picking up my notebook and looking to see whatI need to get done, simply because it looks pretty :)

I hope this helps a little! Oh to add, you might want to bring a touch of Feng Shui to your space by inviting a Lucky Bamboo to live on your desk. The Bamboo will bring prosperity and good fortune your way. Exactly what you want for your business and life in general.


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