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Thank you for selecting KG Style Designs to design your next event. We promise you an event that will be unique to you and hope to work with you to make your moment and your vision come alive. 

What we will do together: 

1. Get the details organized. We will work to set your budget and timeline. Please add to your preferred contact for you to ensure that you receive any correspondence from us. 

2. Retainer fee. The retainer fee allows me to start work on your project. It will be 30% of our total fee. Click here to view the prices again.  Once we receive your retainer, we will start work on your event design.  Your final payment will be due 30 days before the event.  

3. Set up a Pinterest board that we will share the design concept. You are fee to add any ideas to your overall event design but please keep in mind that somethings may or may not work with the overall scheme we have prepared for you. 

4. We require that your budget, however big or small, be deposited into our business account at the beginning of the project. We will create a budget excel sheet with things purchased and have all of your receipts for you as well. 

5. Day of Event Design: As part of your package, we will come to your event space and design it as discussed with the event design plan.  We will bring a design assistant to your space in order to get things done a little smoother. Any items that have been rented will have to be returned to KG Style Designs the day after your event.  

What you will do on your own:

1. Be mindful of the event designer's time.   

2. Pinterest Board: Add 3-5 images that you like the style of the event, something in particular that speaks to you in the space.  We will give you access once your retainer is paid.  

3. Add your ideas but keep in mind the overall design plan that was mapped out for you. 

4. Show up the day of the event!!  

Below you will find the links to the items mentioned above. 

Thank you again for choosing KG Style Designs. 

Cheers to working TOGETHER!!  

Khloe George 

Ph: 407-476-7206