Your services say "design" and not "planning", what is the difference? 

Event planners are all about the “logistics” for your event. They just love logistics. Most planners have a complete roster of vendors they’re able to recommend on the spot whether you’re searching for a creative lighting crew, the best band in the area, or a photographer . Band or DJ?  When will the florist arrive? How many rooms do I need to block at the local hotel for the out of town guests? What kind of menu will we have?  Your planner will create a timeline, act as a liaison between you and your vendors, and make sure your event goes off without a hitch

Event Designers are all about the “look and feel for the day." Does this flower go with the rustic outdoor event the client wants? Is lighting going to make a difference in the ballroom? What color linens look best for this type of venue? Event designers on the other hand are hired to make sure your day looks well put together. From invitations, to flowers, to linens and lighting - Event designers are the fashion stylists of your event!! 

So, I will have to get the venue, menu, DJ and the logistics of an event? 

As  mentioned above,we will work with you to style your event. We can recommend locations if we know of any but the venue, the music, menu and the other logistics of "planning" your event are for the client to do their homework on. We do, however, provide the theme, plan your decor, take care of every design detail the day of your big event with whatever venue you choose. We make sure the food is placed where it needs to go, the cake on the correct table, the DJ you've chosen knows where to stand, etc. 

I don't mind paying your fees but with all these expenses, I just can't seem to pay it all at once.  Do you offer payment plans? 

We sure do! As of January 1st, 2018, we have decided to offer payment options to ease the stress of managing all of the expenses that come from planning an event. We do ask that the retainer fee be 30% of your entire budget, then we will break down the rest into something that is comfortable for you.