Interior designers are expected to know different design styles. Styles can relate to a particular regional style (ex: styles influenced by a certain region such as American, French or English country), a particular historical style, also called a period style (ex. styles from or influenced by a certain period in time such as Neo-classical, Victorian, Modern to name a few, or the general appearance of furniture.  

But how do you figure out what your design style is? Most people hire professional interior designers to help them figure this out but here's how to figure it out for yourself. 


Some of the popular style trends today are Modern (a contemporary style), Country (a casual style) and traditional styles such as Neo-Classical, Victorian and Colonial. When deciding which style to choose to design your home with, it is important to take into consideration the current architecture of the home. For instance, if you live in an open-beamed log home, it would make more sense to go with a Country style. If the home has high ceilings, arches, pillars and columns, a Neo-classical style would suit best.

However, with any design style, it is perfectly okay to mix more than one period or regional style thus creating an Eclectic look which is quite popular these days.

The best way to figure out your design style is to take a look around your place and assuming you've designed it yourself, you can tell what pieces you cherish. 

Do you hate clutter and have only 2 colors in your entire room? Then you are probably a modern style - usually, contemporary. 

Is your space a little cluttered but inviting? Do you have pieces that reflect a region? Like French country paintings and tuscan colors? If you do, you are definitely a country style lover. 

If you have a mixture of different pieces, limited colors, high end fabrics and furniture and decorative pieces with modern flair, you have an eclectic style. 

Take this quiz to discover your style!

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