by Khloe G.

Minimalism is the thing that gets us past the things, so we can make room for life’s important things – which actually aren’t things at all.



This isn’t just an issue. This is the start of my new journey into doing MORE with LESS.; experiencing things and owning only the things I need. My favorite quote into this journey:


You never know when inspiration will strike. For me, it started with an FB post from a friend. She updated her status about wanting to own a tiny house.  I was intrigued and asked her if she meant an actual “tiny house” to which she replied “Yes!” I had heard of it before but never quite knew what it meant. I found out that building a tiny house was just that, a tiny house. I also found out that it was an ENTIRE movement.  What? How come no one ever mentioned this before? This is exciting. So I went to my favorite search, YouTube to find out more, and there I found my new favorite channel, Tiny House, Giant Journey, where the creators built their own 192 sq foot home and have been traveling all over the states, scoping out other tiny home owners and taking us around their spaces, how they got started and how long it took to build. 

The consensus was obvious! What all of them had in common was they all had to go from a life of over-abundance to downsizing and living a more meaningful, often times debt-free lifestyle. A few had to unlearn everything they knew about consumerism., while many others already lived a minimalistic lifestyle prior to their decision. 

Wait, what? What is a minimalistic lifestyle and how do you live one? More YouTube searches lead to articles videos, channels, Ted Talks and the inspirational blog of Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemu from

“Minimalism is the thing that gets us past the things, so we can make room for life’s important things – which actually aren’t things at all.” (Watch the upcoming trailer for their movie)

I was hooked. Wanted to know more. 

Minimalists believe that everything they own must serve a purpose or something they absolutely love and can’t bear to part with. With clothes, it’s what makes you feel good; every time you put it in on, it fits right, looks good and can withstand the test of fashion with its ever changing rules. With objects, it’s the things that you need, like NOT owning six spatulas for a household with only 2 people in it. With mementos, it’s cherishing them but finding creative ways to either keep them or photograph them. 

I . Want. To. Be. A. Minimalist. 

So here it is, I am on a journey  to become that. IT will show in the future approach to this magazine, fonts, designs, blog layouts, as well as my personal life. My color palette will change as my view of owning things gets a little clearer and a lot different. Is it going to be hard? Abso-freaking-lutely.  But was there ever ANYTHING hard not worth doing? It will bring me to my ultimate goal of owning less but doing more and will lead me to buying my NEW TINY HOME.


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