What TOUCHED means to me and to for my future. 

Khloe George, Editor in Chief

Who is Khloe George? I am an interior designer. I started my company in 2007 with one vision – to reinvent and redesign someone’s space. I love what I do and what I started but quickly one vision turned into 2, 3…until now I have an entire book full of ideas of what I want to do.

I operated KG Style Designs on its own with interior and event design services and loved it. Still do. But I wanted more. Of course, I enjoy the vast design showrooms but I enjoyed stores like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and even Pier 1 Imports, not only  for their home décor pieces, but for the feeling.  That feeling of walking into a place where you feel welcomed, where your brain is being stimulated by things that can make you and your home beautiful - that feeling was overwhelming and I wanted to capture it. 

But how the heck can I do that? I opened up my journal one night and started to write a new vision for what I wanted. It kept me up at night a lot of times just thinking of mission statements and what this new thing would be about. Still haven’t mastered it. It’s still a work in progress. But I’ve got what I’ve been bringing you for the past few months – an online magazine. Yes, there are tons of online magazines, home décor, beauty, etc. but this one is about change. How to REDESIGN your LIFE as is our motto. Wherever you are in your life, I believe you can change your home to look better, your life to feel better, be happier, be wiser, be healthier, be more beautiful than what you believe you are; BE TOUCHED.

Within the realm of wanting our readers to inspire change, I came across a need for the creative type; a void that had yet to be filled, if you will. The void: a place where people can come together and be creative and supportive of one another's work. This place for me had to recreate the feeling of Anthropologie, of an art museum, of a creative studio. It had to inspire ideas and help creative people like me to create a life they love by doing something they were so passionate about. I then created our Touched CREATIVE HUB with articles and resources to further your creative career, whatever that may be; art, interior design, photography, makeup artistry, content creators, writers, etc. 

Why the name TOUCHED? I grew up being called “crazy!” I made people laugh. I made people think. I was adventurous and I wasn’t afraid of venturing out into the world as myself. I did not like the term before but once I became who I am, I made no apologies. After I saw the Apple commercial, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can CHANGE the world, are the ones who do!” – I knew I had to embrace “crazy” and I have. Touched is a synonym for that. But it also means I have been TOUCHED with a gift I can no longer hide – a gift I want to share with the world. I have been TOUCHED with art, inspiration and good health because I have made the necessary CHANGES in my life to achieve these.

Touched Magazine will remain online but eventually be an app for our readers to take anywhere they'd like.  What's most exciting?  We are opening up a CREATIVE STUDIO! That's right! Exactly what you just read! I hope to get everyone excited enough to pick up a copy when it is ready! I hope that I have TOUCHED many of you with great design and inspirations for every part of what makes you happy. 

What’s your VISION for your business, blog or just life in general? Comment below.

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