Today, we'll touch on the laundry room/space and how to redesign and organize on a budget. The key to an organized laundry room is to make the most of whatever space you're working with. Make the laundry room an area that makes this chore as pleasant as possible. See how our editor redesigned her laundry space on a small budget.

Conceal, conceal, conceal. We all know what can kill a nice design is ugly bottles. Hide laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and other products that just look messy in cute little baskets and jars. Here are some inexpensive ideas:
Assess the space. I've said it time and again, always start any redesign and organization project by assessing how much space you actually have. 

Gather your materials and let's get started. 

Always work with the space you are given. If the space is a tiny closet or a little nook, or a large room dedicated to laundry, make sure every inch of this space is utilized. If you don't have much space, always add shelving. 

Shelf was purchased at Home Depot for about $5.00. The handles were purchased at about $2.00 a piece. They were originally white but too much white is never good so I spray painted them yellow. 

The baskets I got from JoAnn's for about $10.00each. They were big enough to hold all my laundry and cleaning supplies.I  labeled them with cards and Martha Stewart's chalkboard labels from the Staples line and hot glued clothes pin to give it a laundry look.
I used a cookie jar from my kitchen to use as a soap jar and added another one of those chalk labels. The small jar houses the TIDE Pods that I'm absolutely hooked on instead of keeping them in their ugly orange bag. 

Use old bottles. Drink wine? Then why not re-use those bottles for things like fabric softener and cleaners. Gives the room an elegant look. 
I used an old food jar - removed the label, cleaned it up really nice and spray painted the top to match the theme. Bought some clothes pin from the dollar store just for decoration.

I bought a couple of letters from JoAnn's for $1 a piece and the wooden crate that would hold the wine bottles and other jars. The wooden crate was about $12 and I spray painted it white. I spray painted the letters in the same yellow to create a cohesive look. I placed the crate in the middle to create balance between the two baskets. 
I used 2 old wine bottles - one for fabric softener, the other for a floor cleaning supply. I bought a mason jar at JoAnn's which houses dishwashing PODS for about $2.00 (probably less) and added ribbon and a tag and the plastic container, I  purchased from Walmart for about $3.00. It houses extra sponges and cleaning rags. (Yes, I bought them yellow to match the room.:)

Create a sorting station. Set up a three-basket sorting system. Label them DARKS, WHITES & LIGHTS. (or hand-wash depending on your preference.) If space is tight, the laundry baskets below are slim enough to fit between the washer and dryer.
Add a shelving system. There are many cubed shelving systems available in the market these days. Purchase one and use it to house tools, any items that could go into the laundry room, like toilet paper, etc. Make sure you label each basket with the items that will go inside.
I bought an inexpensive laundry bag (should have ironed it for about $10.00 from Walmart. I got my husband, being the artist that he is, to graffiti the words for me. Inexpensive and he had fun doing it.

Hang brooms and mops on the side of the shelving unit. Standing mops and brooms on their heads causes them to wear out faster. To save space, stay  tidy, and keep them out of the way, install a wall mounted mop and broom organizer to the side of the shelves - preferably on the side of the shelf that is less seen. 
Lastly, decorate your space. Add beautiful laundry theme  signs and rugs to tie in your space. 
The Laundry sign was $19.99 from Lowes and you can find a lot of laundry decals on Etsy. This particular one is from a shop calledJaney Mac and costs about $25

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