9-5 jobs are so yesterday! Work-at-home positions are where we are headed. Nowadays, almost every home has a home office.  Whether it is for business or a place to pay bills and house the computer, in order for it to function, there must be organization.

The FIRST step is to have adequate space for your computer area and peripherals like printers and faxing machines and a location for printer paper. 

Your desktop should only have a few basics.
  • - In-box, pending and To-file (commonly known as an Outbox)
  • - Computer and peripherals
  • - Holder for pens, scissors and letter opener
  • - Stapler and tape dispenser (you can keep this in your drawer)
  • - Label maker (you can keep this in your drawer)
  • - Master notebook
  • - One decorative object

If you don’t have drawer space in your desk, make space for the things that would normally go in them. Small containers on the desk can hold paper clips, a roll of stamps, extra staples. Lidded boxes on shelves  can serve as auxiliary drawers. Figure out categories of things you need to store and put them in a labeled box on a shelf.

Check your In-box everyday and remove items one at a time.  Determine what needs to be done and add them to your to do list. 

Pending Files: A way to manage documents that are either in process or can’t be  handled right away, or current projects that need to be tackled. If these files are tucked in a drawer, chances are you’ll forget about  them. Keep them in a tray on the desk, or if you need to see them at a glance, put them in a desktop file sorter or stepped file.

Avoid endless scraps of paper by jotting notes in a spiral notebook on your desk. Write the date at the top of the page. When you’re working at your desk, record phone numbers, directions, and reminders in the notebook. Keep a supply of sticky notes near each phone in the house so you can take down information when away from your desk. Then place the sticky note in the notebook.

Your home office doesn't have to be a huge space. As long as everything is organized, and you can work easily, the size of the room won't matter. You can even have a closet turned into a home office as long as you make sure you have ample space for work and storage. If you'd like me to write a blog post on how to turn a closet into a home office, leave a comment below. :) 

Here are some gorgeous examples of home offices. 

acrylic organizers found at the containerstore.com
Make a TO FILE box and keep everything that needs to be filed, shredded or deleted so you can clear space off of your desktop.

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