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Written by: Khloe George


Every single year around this time, we start reflecting on the year that's passing us by and what we will do in 2018. We start making, dare I say it, resolutions - of which we never keep! If you did, good for you, you're the lucky few that actually stick to the stuff you say but for the rest of us, our reflections come to us as mere disappointments and sometimes shame.   The best way to get things in check and get organized is to get a planner!!! We will start 2018 differently - and mean it this time, right? Right. 

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Through the mirror of my mind
Time after time
I see reflections of you and me
Reflections of the way life used to be
— Paul Young

Planning is the surefire way for you to get your life in order. Whether you work a 9-5 or you’re one of the very cool "millennials" that works for themselves, nothing can better get you prepared to accomplish all your goals than a planner.  With so many to choose from, we have rounded out our top picks to make sure you’re at the top of your game when 2018 rolls around! 

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So chic. So Minimal. So Luxe and so on trend. This planner will make you feel like you're already a successful entrepreneur with its gold detailing and luxurious inserts. Choose inserts that help with meal planning, media content, goal mapping and so much more. 

Why we love it? Since it's an agenda that you buy separately, you will literally have it for years to come. The agendas are made of quality material and you can add as many inserts as you would like that will fit your lifestyle. 


2018 A6 WEEKLY DIARY, $29.95,

Affordable and adorable. This planner has a weekly spread and includes a space for to do lists, shopping lists, stickers and more that will help you organize your crazy creative schedule.  

Why we love it? The cover is so fun and so different from anything on this list. If you enjoy more color than your standard all plain planner, this one's for you. 

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The Passion Planner may be the planner for you if you're wanting more of a life coach in your life. It is created for the passionate entrepreneur and the goal -oriented person. It has sections for bucket lists for creating goals, to-do lists for both your personal and professional lives, and calendars that can help you schedule down to the minute.

Why we love it?   Instead of having to purchase it to experience it's pages, you can print out Passion Planner sheets from the website. This allows you to try it on for size and see if it's the right size for you!

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Not your average planner but we HAD to get it in on this list.It's in today's obsession, rose gold and made by YouTuber and fitness expert Cassey Ho from blogilates fame.  It's sole purpose is to help you get FIT and organize. It tracks your meals, your water intake,  your habits and even monthly goals.  

Why we love it? It's something we never thought we needed. We usually use apps for these kinds of things but a lot of us don't follow through with tech and so our fitness goals sometimes takes a back burner. Cassey has been able to incorporate the love of writing back to healthy living and make it coo. We so dig it!

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It's a bullet journal meets planner type of deal. It is undated and includes dots like a bullet journal but is timed from 6am-10pm and has a space for to-do's and memos like a planner. The best of both worlds. 

Why we love it? It’s simple. To the point. It has a minimalist feel and even though ti's timed, it gives you enough space to create journal style entries.  

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Bullet Journals are the new things to lists.  They are widely known as rapid logging; a new movement of creating to do lists.  You can use a particular journal but the very basis of this type of journaling is that it uses graph paper instead of traditionally lined journals. 

Why we love it? So unique. So different and it might actually get you more focused and the bonus, the cover is a limited edition of an AMAZING artist, Keith Haring who was gone way too soon! 

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Erin Condren’s Life Planner has been a hit for some time now.  It was the first of its kind to offer vertical weekly layouts for easy planning. The planner offers different covers and some that you can customize yourself. It is not for the .... color - it's colorful layouts are playful and motivational as it is equipped with inspirational quotes.  If you're into stickers, they have an array of stickers in the Erin Condren website or Etsy has a wide array of shops offering stickers for the Life Planner. 

Why we love it? It’s funky. It’s fun and you can make it your own. 

Which one is your favorite from this list? And which did you purchase or planning on purchasing? 

Inspiration for designing your home can come from anywhere. View our greatest hits . 

Inspiration for designing your home can come from anywhere. View our greatest hits

I may not know everything but I know what worked for me. Let me show you how!!    

I may not know everything but I know what worked for me. Let me show you how!!   

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