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Written by: Khloe George

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We out here drippin’ in finesse
It don’t make no sense
— Bruno Mars

We're about a week in to 2018 and a lot of us have made our resolutions and are doing pretty well so far with them, right?  Before we delve into our 2018 goals, it is important to take the time to reflect on what we accomplished in the year before and what we learned from our challenges 'cause "failure" is jut too negative of a word.  

Here's how KG Style Designs did in 2017:


  • Relaunched website with a sort of a different spin on the classic, if you will.

  • Rebranded by using fonts and colors that align with what my brand needed to be.

  • Started my blog back up just to express my behind the scenes designs and just things that I'm into. I think it's so important to have a blog for me. Starting one under my website has been therapeutic. It's definitely a chit chat spot for me and it allows me the flexibility of posting whenever the inspiration strikes instead of a hard schedule. No rules. Just sharing.

  • I was able to acquire new clients under my new creative career coaching. These clients come to me to help untangle their brains and get them focused on what they are extremely passionate about. If you haven't signed up for a session - then what are you waiting for? Sign up here


  • Losing the viewership I once had because I took a hiatus to re-brand. For some time, everyone knew KG Style Designs but when it switched to Touched, I lost the people that came to me for design inspirations and creative career advice. So, I came back to my passion. You can read about the reasons behind the change here

  • Trying to design my work and juggle mom-hood, client proposals, articles and more until I realized what I should be doing is getting all of that organized and consequently getting an assistant.

What I learned:

  • One simple rule. Get organized. I can't tell you enough how organizing yourself is how you'll accomplish most, if not ALL of your goals. That's why I ended 2017 with the HIT LIST OF BEST PLANNERS so you can readily choose one that fits your needs. If you're more into the digital space, I get it, but get planning. Get organized, seriously!

  • Challenges move us forward. They keep us motivated and without them, we would become complacent. They help us be thankful for all of our accomplishments and help us work through our challenges.

Top 3 GOALS for 2018

  • Start the Library of Resources for our Creative Studio members

  • Have at least 5 contributors for the Creative Studio

  • Hire a design assistant

  • Start an Orlando, FL mastermind group

This is such a great exercise. Thank you for wanting to read our year in review but now it's time to get busy with yours. Download our WORKSHEET by clicking on the image below and let's get this year off with a BANG!  

I’ve created for you a free, downloadable 2017 Year in Review  Worksheet to better absorb the year’s experiences and to elevate your inspiration and motivation for the next.

How to use: Download this year in review pdf to print out or type in your answers. Depending on how you roll, you may want to find a quiet space or even do this with friends. 


Want to discuss your goals, achievements, challenges? Join us at our FB group for creative geniuses just like you.   

Inspiration for designing your home can come from anywhere. View our greatest hits .

Inspiration for designing your home can come from anywhere. View our greatest hits.

I may not know everything but I know what worked for me. Let me show you how!!

I may not know everything but I know what worked for me. Let me show you how!!

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