From the editor:  As an interior designer, turned editor, my main goal is to inspire. Every design and client has to touch me in some way. Every website that I visit for inspiration has to give me the feeling of creativity and uniqueness. I look for articles and interior designers that do a little more - go the extra mile and think outside the box.

Every post, every image must be TOUCHED in some ways.  It must INSPIRE - inspire change and thoughts and be a total reflection of what lives in YOU! This is how I choose the books that speak to me. 

Here are some of my favorites: (right - click on the pic & open up in new tab to purchase!) 


We asked a few of our favorite interior designers what their favorite design books were and where they look to for inspiration. The list to the left compiles some of the favorites listed. 


What are your favorites? Tell us down below in the comment section and be enteretd to win a $25 AMAZON gift card so you can purhcase your very own design book from our list. 


***GIVEAWAY OVER*** We will announce the WINNER tomorrow 07/20/2015 on our twitter page. Make sure you are following us on TWITTER @touchedmagazine 

Thanks to EVERYONE for your lovely comments and don't forget you can purchase any of these books above by clicking on the picture to take you directly to the AMAZON store. 


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