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I'm renting an apartment but I want to put up wallpaper. How can I do this?

By Alicia Walters, Design Editor

One of the difficult things about being a renter is not being able to put your own mark on your home. Those magnolia walls can really make the space look bland and blah. Thank god technology and innovation has blessed us with removable wallpaper commonly known as Renters wallpaper.

When I moved into my first rented space, I was disgusted with the boring brown painted walls. The space was amazing but the walls were letting it down immensely. Luckily for me, and with much persuading, my landlord agreed the walls needed some jazzing up. He paid for paint and said, “Ok young lady work your magic” so I did. I did him a mammoth favor whether he was aware of it or not.

Unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate enough to have a landlord as flexible as the one I had. Now in walks Removable Wallpaper to save the day. Removable wallpaper has been around a few years now and I’m telling you it is a life saver.

One of the things I always tell people is if you want to make big changes to your space with minimal cost, the walls is where you need to look first. Changing the wall color can dramatically change the way a room not only looks but how it feels. You can make a space look bigger just by changing the wall colors. Wall coverings are a very important aspect of interior design so temporary wallpaper is always going to be a big deal.

Right now there is an abundance of removable wallpaper on the market - so whether you are in a rental, you can get in on the action without upsetting your landlord.

6 of my favorite resources for removable wallpaper

Tempaper: Tempaper is a family owned business that was born in 2005 and I have to say that they are my number one go to for removable wallpaper. Their temporary wall décor is printed through a process that incorporates the traditional technique of copperplate engraving which adds to the super elegant and high quality finish.

Sherwin-Williams: Sherwin William is a big brand for wall coverings in general. They have one of the largest collection of peel and stick wallpaper. Lets face it, if you can’t find anything at Sherwin -Williams to suit your taste then I’m not sure anyone can help.

Wallplay: This online retailer is stacked to the brim with peel and stick wallpapers, and wall-murals of all kinds.  Samples available if you ask nicely.

Casart coverings: Smart functional stylish and fun says it all. Great collection of contemporary temporary wallpaper.

Livettes: Livettes is another small but fully formed, like Wallplay, online retailer, they have awesome handmade vinyl removable wallpapers which are reasonably priced, bonus!

Design Wall Covering: Design Wall Covering has been around for 10 years and taken great steps to bringing renters wallpaper closer to designers worldwide. They have a small and cute collection of murals and removable wallpaper. It is well worth visiting their site.

I hope this helps!