***Most of our images are affordable shoppable links under our affiliate programs.

***Most of our images are affordable shoppable links under our affiliate programs.



 We've all seen some pretty awe inspiring rooms that make us say "Wow! What a beautiful/majestic/awesome room!" To the untrained eye, the room just looks beautifully designed but what most people don't know is that there are things taking place in the room to make it look beautiful/majestic/awesome. There are things that make a room GREAT but many of us don't know what those things are. 

We are here to tell you what you need in your space to make your room GREAT!  You can thank us later!    


When designing with pillows, don't just use one pair. Pile on the pillows in contrasting colors, patterns and textures to give the room an interesting but cohesive look.

Accent Wall

Love a BOLD color?

If it's too overwhelming for you, just remember that you need NOT paint an entire room. What makes a room look GREAT are the accent pieces, the pop of colors and the unexpected conversation pieces. An accent wall brings color into a neutral palette by not overwhelming the eye.




The main reason for the appeal of a GREAT room is in symmetry. Symmetry creates a sense of calm and balance throughout a space. Creating a mirrored image on either side of an axis creates a visual calmness and is psychologically soothing. Use the architecture in your home, (that of a fireplace) to create the natural axis and create symmetry. No fireplace? No problem. Use the windows as an axis instead. 

The Bed

No matter what is placed into a bedroom, THE BED, will always remain the focal point in a bedroom. Having a small-scale bed in a small bedroom only makes the room feel and look smaller. Mix a tall bed with a tall headboard for added height to the eye.


         *Adding a dramatic headboard will further add design appeal to a bedroom.

Grand Lighting


A great piece of lighting in any room can make the room like grand - almost regal. The use of chandeliers have dated back to the 17th century in castles where kings and queens lived. It's no wonder they are the topic of conversation in any room. 






Great Art


Nothing speaks GRANDEUR like a fantastic painting or a piece of art.  Hang it over your couch, bed, or anywhere in the room you'd like to draw attention to. In a neutral room, the colors pop and it can be the only added color you need. Remember, more is less in any room.

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